I strongly believe that IIMS is one of the best colleges in Bangalore. These six months were the amazing days of my life. We were blessed and provided with the best professors who guide us throughout our academic journey. The best part was the time of festivals “ AARAMBH, CULTURAL FEST, and many more outbound activities which gave us a chance to showcase our skills.
We were also given with ten different certificate courses such as excel, spss software, dining etiquette, advance excel, stock marketing, which helped me in boosting my knowledge at most affordable cost. After this, I was encouraged to participate in the national level management fest conducted at Cambridge University. Fortunately, we won the overall cup for most events and also bagged overall winner’s trophy.
I am feeling very lucky to be a part of this college especially for studying under the Management Guru Prof. Sharathchandra Kamath, our beloved dean who has a great personality, friendly nature and cool attitude who is the pillar of IIMS.
Eagerly waiting for the foreign trip at the end of my academics which is included in the fees.
……Finally, This is a wonderful college and a best platform for the young students who come to bangalore with big dreams about their career in management.