Impact Institute of Management Studies. When I found out I got admission here, I was on cloud 9. This college has been nothing less than what I had hoped for. Supportive seniors and faculty, beautiful campus, quality education, real world experiences, and amazing friends. Its everything one needs from a college and a network developed for life. The growth I have seen in myself due to IIMS is invaluable. It has taught me things far beyond bookish knowledge and helped me broaden my horizons. Not only do they conduct various technical quizzes and events, but also many nontechnical events as well, to test the all round development of the students. With its Management, Tech, Diploma and Architecture courses, there is a large variety of students on campus, providing everyone opportunity to interact and learn from each other. Students are encouraged to take initiatives and hone leadership skills, so that they can cope with the world outside the campus. With the up to date laboratory facilities, and various software, large libraries on campus as well as online, students can easily access study materials to ensure quality output. There are numerous canteen facilities and the sports grounds keep the students physically active as well. Yoga sessions are arranged to help relax body and mind. The classes are very interactive and faculties ensure that every student understands what is being taught before proceeding. Courses are challenging, yet very informative, so that the we don’t feel lost when entering the competitive market. All in all IIMS provides every student exactly what they need for life. Proud to be a IMPACTIAN under the leadership of my mentor Prof. Sharathchandra Kamath – The best faculty on the earth!