Digital architecture is a sector of architecture discipline that’s applied to finding digital solutions to design.

Thus an architect who’s striving to become a Digital Architect must appreciate this shift and be keen to refresh their thinking about the design methodology.

How do we bring about this shift?  Under the paradigm of Co-Design, where novel possibilities in design, engineering and fabrication are explored. By being able to use alternate materials like prefabricated materials. By following biomimetic principle , reuse of a component of design segment so we can remain sustainable. Digital design process can help us in building systems by adopting an integrative computational approach based on interdisciplinary research encompassing architecture, structural engineering, building physics, manufacturing and system engineering, computer science and the like.

Our multidisciplinary approach will provide students with the knowledge and skills to discover innovative computational methods for use in the creative and design industries. In particular, we will look at form-finding using parametric and generative methods, preparing digital information for further rigorous analysis, and integrating the logic of digital fabrication into the early stages of design

 The studio and dissertation projects allow you to apply your digital design knowledge and skills creatively.

 To Learn innovative algorithmic design methods in architecture.

Build your own digital tools through visual programming and scripting.

Participate in multi-disciplinary teamwork that mirrors professional practice.

Benefit from multi-disciplinary expertise from research staff across the schools of architecture, computer science and engineering.

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